LEVELS 2022:

Level B1-B2
The summer school is intended for adult learners who speak Russian at the level B1-B2 and want to improve their communicative skills among the native speakers and are interested in the history, culture and nature of East Siberia. The school program includes conversational practice, audio-visual course of Russian, lectures on literature, culture and ethnography of East Siberia, Irkutsk city tour, visits to museums. The conversational practice will help the learners to activate their passive knowledge and to get acquainted with a broad range of Russian synonyms and collocations; the audio-visual course is designed to widen the learners' background knowledge of Russian culture, art, and the everyday life in Russia and to present the nonstandard pragmatic and communicative functions of Russian words and syntactic structures. Some of the classes are organized as communicative games.

Classes are held at the Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication, Botanical Gardens of Irkutsk State University and Baikal biological station of ISU in Bolshie Koty. Places of accommodation are Irkutsk and Bolshie Koty.

Language of instruction: Russian

Participation costs: There are two options for participation: 1) the learners pay the participation fee and accommodation in dormitory and at Baikal biological station of ISU on their own; 2) the learners who applied for participation on the website and have their application confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Education do not pay the participation fee. Accommodation in dormitory and at Baikal biological station of ISU is now covered by the scholarship.

Dates: August 10-24, 2022

Contact information:
Ms. Anna Krutikova