International Law Academy "Law in an Emergency: limits and possibilities"
The Summer Academy will be organized by the ISU Law Institute in cooperation with the Law Faculty of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

It is planned to hold a series of lectures and training seminars on the Russian and EU emergency legislation; analysis of the activities of state bodies, officials and citizens in conditions of special legal regimes. Participants will be presented with material on legislation in the field of emergency prevention. Special attention will be paid to the legal regulation of measures to eliminate the consequences of floods and fires, natural and man-made disasters and accidents, preventive measures to ensure the safety of the environment for human health.

Students of the Academy will study in detail the legal regime of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, legal prohibitions and restrictions in an emergency situation, a special mechanism for managing territories in which a state of emergency has been introduced, etc.

Another block of questions will be devoted to ensuring the safety of citizens in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection, preventive measures taken by state bodies, issues of legal responsibility of citizens and officials for violation of legal restrictions, as well as issues of international cooperation in the field of combating epidemics and emergencies, as well as discussing the features of the legal regulation of emergency legal regimes in Russia and Europe.

Language: Russian, Slovenian, English

Conditions for participation: School participation is free. Participants cover all expenses related to arrival and accommodation in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Date: 28 June – 3 July, 2021

Project leader: Aleksandr Kolosov, Associate Professor of the Department of International Law and Comparative Law, ISU Law Institute,

Coordinator: Bulanova Nina, Head of the Department of Innovative Programs, ISU Law Institute, tel. +79025609628,