International Summer Law School «Fight for the rights of socially excluded groups»
The school was organized by the Law Institute of ISU with the support of the A. Mitskevich University (Poznan, Poland) and St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg).

It is planned to discuss issues related to limiting the rights of discriminated groups. Lectures, reports, trainings and panel discussions of the school will be devoted to direct and indirect discrimination; legal discrimination: areas in which it manifests itself (housing, employment, access to goods or services, etc.), discrimination on the basis that determines the group suffering from discrimination: age, sex, gender, disability, nationality, religion, beliefs, education , economic or legal status, etc.

Discussion platforms and round tables are planned: "Discrimination in the practice of the ECHR", "Positive discrimination: history and modernity", "Protection of the rights and interests of HIV-positive people in the aspect of anti-discrimination", " Discrimination of athletes on the basis of citizenship ", etc.

Language: Russian, Polish, English

Conditions for participation: School participation is free. Participants cover all expenses related to arrival and accommodation in Poznan (Poland)

Date: 3 – 12 July, 2021

Project leader: Kravtsov Roman, Head Department of Criminal Law, ISU Law Institute, Associate Professor, Ph.D., tel. +79025162170,

Coordinator: Bulanova Nina, Head of the Department of Innovative Programs , ISU Law Institute, tel. +79025609628,