Urgent educational issues: theory and practice
The summer school for master degree applicants is aimed to establish an educational space filled with knowledge, practice, and many years of experience in the implementation of master's programs in pedagogy field. Participation in the work of this school will allow the applicant to develop their competencies in both subject and metasubject areas, the formation of soft skills necessary for the successful development of the master's program. The Summer School aims to demonstrate the unity of theoretical and applied research in education. The main goal is to contribute to the development of theory and practice of solving modern problems in education by discussing the results of the latest international research and practical initiatives in this area.
Languages: Russian / English
Participants take all expenses related to travel, accommodation and meals
Dates: June 28, 2021 - August 11, 2021
Scientific director – Fedotova E.L. doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of pedagogy department, Pedagogical Institute, Irkutsk State University
Responsible project manager – Nikitina E.A. candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of pedagogy department, Pedagogical institute, Irkutsk State University