"New Approaches to the History of the Border Regions of Inner Asia"
The development of historical research in the border regions of Inner Asia requires a revision of theoretical perspectives, harmonization of opinions of a new research centers, and widening of the source base. In this perspective, Irkutsk, as a place with long-term and world-renowned tradition of researching Siberia and Mongolia, is an ideal location for a summer school on new approaches to the history of the frontier.

The main goal of the school is to analyze the experience of historiography of frontier zones, to discuss a new theoretical perspectives (global history, new imperial history, historical anthropology of Inner Asia), to get acquainted with world historiography (first of all, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian) and with new approaches to archival research in the region.

The school is aimed to bachelor, master and post graduate students, young researchers in the field of history and related scientific disciplines.

The working languages: Russian (main), English.

School organizers: Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Ivan Peshkov), Irkutsk State University (Lev Dameshek, Konstantin Grigorichev)

Guest lecturers (preliminary):

Ilya Gerasimov (Ab Imperio journal)

Andrey Zorin (Oxford University)

Alexey Mikhalev (Buryat State University)

Ivan Sablin (University of Heidelberg)

Zbigniew Schmidt (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan)

The terms of participation:

The number of participants is up to 25. The competition for participation will be announced in the fall of 2020.

Participants pay their own travel expenses. Accommodation and meals may be partly covered by the organizers of the school..

School participation fee:

· for Russian participants - for free

· for foreign participants - about USD 150.

Duration:- 7-8 days

Place: Bolshiye Koty village, the coast of Lake Baikal.

Dates: July 2021